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Keyboard with Display for Developers - Kwumsy K3

Is it any good?

Keyboards are important for developers - most of them at least. And displays are important for developers.

I’ve bought the Kwumsy K3 Keyboard (had a ROG Strix before, because of the silent Cherry MX Red, and a Keychron K8 before that, and many Apple keyboards before that).

The Kwumsy K3 is a keyboard with a build-in screen. I did buy it on Kickstarter, and was lucky it works, many seem to have problems (connecting with HDMI does not work, USB-C is fine).

What could a keyboard with a display be useful for?

First, the keyboard is decent. It has Gateron Yellow switches, which are ok if you want linear switches. I would have preferred other switches though.

Looking at the most expensive and useless tool at home, a keyboard tester, I do like Kailh Box Navy (clicky) more.

Is the display useful?

For me, it has been proven really nice. For video calls, I have my video stream on the Kwumsy and the other person on the main display (Alienware 38 because of the vertical resolution). This works surprisingly well.

For coding, I use the Kwumsy display for my shells. The main display has the IDE and browser, the Kwumsy has a shell open. I did try to use it with the browser. However, for me, it’s not tall enough to be usable as a browser display (I have an LG DualUp if I need to do a lot of development in the browser).

((Overall, I do like it much more than I thought I would.**

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About Stephan

As a CTO, Interim CTO, CTO Coach - and developer - Stephan has seen many technology departments in fast-growing startups. As a kid he taught himself coding in a department store around 1981 because he wanted to write video games. Stephan studied computer science with distributed systems and artificial intelligence at the University of Ulm. He also studied Philosophy. When the internet came to Germany in the 90 he worked as the first coder in several startups. He has founded a VC funded startup, worked in VC funded, fast growing startups with architecture, processes and growth challenges, worked as a manager for ImmoScout and as a CTO of an eBay Inc. company. After his wife successfully sold her startup they moved to the sea and Stephan took up CTO coaching. You can find him on LinkedIn or on Twitter @KingOfCoders

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