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Keyboard with Display for Developers - Kwumsy K3

Is it any good?

Keyboards are important for developers - most of them at least. And displays are important for developers.

I’ve bought the Kwumsy K3 Keyboard (had a ROG Strix before, because of the silent Cherry MX Red, and a Keychron K8 before that, and many Apple keyboards before that).

The Kwumsy K3 is a keyboard with a build-in screen. I did buy it on Kickstarter, and was lucky it works, many seem to have problems (connecting with HDMI does not work, USB-C is fine).

My keyboard

What could a keyboard with a display be useful for?

First, the keyboard is decent. It has Gateron Yellow switches, which are ok if you want linear switches. I would have preferred other switches though.

Looking at the most expensive and useless tool at home, a keyboard tester, I do like Kailh Box Navy (clicky) more.

My Keyboard

Is the display useful?

For me, it has been proven really nice. For video calls, I have my video stream on the Kwumsy and the other person on the main display (Alienware 38 because of the vertical resolution). This works surprisingly well.

For coding, I use the Kwumsy display for my shells. The main display has the IDE and browser, the Kwumsy has a shell open. I did try to use it with the browser. However, for me, it’s not tall enough to be usable as a browser display (I have an LG DualUp if I need to do a lot of development in the browser).

((Overall, I do like it much more than I thought I would.**

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