Experienced CTO Coach Stephan Schmidt

Hello, I'm Stephan, CTO Coach

Looking for a CTO coach isn’t easy, there are not that many and then you need to get someone competent and where you can build a relationship to.

Why I Love Being a Coach

“I worked with Stephan for over a year. He coached me through a massive growth period of our company, asking the right questions as well as giving constructive advice based on his profound knowledge and experience in the field. He helped me to grow and become the professional I am today. I highly recommend working with him”
- Sebastian Galonska, CTO & Co-Founder, Kontist

I have been coaching people for a long time. First I’ve coached other developers and then my direct reports on how they can grow, develop and how their career could look like. Finding out what someone want is often the most difficult part - often it took us quite some time to find out what the best next step could look like. Then it’s good to have someone with experience who can see your strengths - sometimes hidden.

My Experience as CTO and Technical Manager

My tech career began with video games as a kid. Soon I found out I wanted to write my own, and learned coding from other kids in a department store. During my computer science in philosophy studies I’ve worked in many startup, first as a developer, then as a CTO. I’ve also coached founders on how to startup software and product development.

These and more were the challenges as a technical manager over 25 years.

My experience as a coach

I’ve always coached my direct reports and helped them grow and develop with feedback and opinions. After my wife successfully sold her startup where I was CTO, I swichted to full time coaching several years ago. My clients have been in all different industries, from adtech to fintech, healthtech to retail. Most of my clients are from software companies, some of them are from hardware companies with their own challenges. I’ve specialized on (fast) growing startups because I’m most interested in challenges arising from growth and change and so clients have between 5 and 80 developers.

Want to Learn About My Coaching?

I wrote about CTO Coaching in more detail.

Free Video Consultation!

If you're a CTO, VP Engineering or Head of Development I want to hear from you: Book a free video chat with Stephan to find out about CTO coaching or ask any questions you have. Just drop me an email at stephan@amazingcto.com, on Twitter @KingOfCoders or on LinkedIn.
CTO Coach Stephan Schmidt

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