Stephan Schmidt

Hosting a Website on BunnyCDN - Radical Simplicity

Cheap and easy hosting on a CDN with Hugo

My first homepage was around 1993 on a university computer. The World Wide Web just arrived and HTML was something magical. My first job was converting Word documents to HTML by hand around the same time, hosting them on a small server at an ISP I worked for.

Then the CMS was invented, then blogs came up—I’ve founded a blog and wiki software startup around 1999—and many ended up using WordPress for hosting their articles. Been there, kept the WordPress up to date and working. Running my own WordPress and using a hosted one. Using Medium and Substack.

Recently I moved the things I publish to Hugo and static websites.

Simple to run, simple to scale. There are some downsides, like changing a text, or typo is taking more effort, but the simplicity of keeping the site running beats the partial inconvenience.

Two hacker news frontpage articles on two consecutive days and nothing to worry about, the CDN also pushed the content to the edges—so it should have been fast for people in the US and Asia too.

The cost is $1 per month. Actually lower, but $1 is the smallest amount they can charge.

Go for the simple things.

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